I’ve been avoiding my husband, so he won’t know that I’m pregnant. Since he barely gives me his time, it doesn’t bother him. I’ve been ignoring Musa too. I just wonder how I even got to associate with him. One day, I was resting in my room, just thinking of how to get rid of the situation I’ve put myself into.When suddenly, I heard a knock on my door. I wasn’t expecting any visitor. I quickly reached for the door and opened it.”Musa, wetin u come find?” I asked, surprised.”Madam, I just wan remind you sey if u fuck up, I go expose u.” He threatened.”Musa, if you don’t leave this place now, I will fire you.” I threatened too.”See who de follow talk, who u be sef? Try am , I go mek sure sey u follow commot for dis house.” He said and left. I’ve not had peace of mind for the past weeks. Musa keeps threatening me every single day.”I have a plan. I said to myself. If I keep this baby, Musa will keep his eyes on me. If I keep this baby,my in-law won’t leave me in peace. But, if I abort this baby they’ll be no baby for my husband till God knows when. I wept. God why did you allow me enter into this type of marriage? Being single is far off better than being in this marriage. I blame it on my husband, if only he lived up to my expectations,none of these would have happened.” I went to the hospital to have the baby aborted.”Musa” I called from outside.”Madam” He came out.”I wan tell u sey I bin go hospital yesterday. Shei u bin see the time wey I commot.” He nodded.”Enheen, I bin go scan, doctor sey I get miscarriage.””Eeeeeiiii! Na lie! That one na confirm lie! U mean my pikin don die? ” He shouted.”Musa no too shout. I do bad to tell you?” I tried to calm him down.”Madam,last time wey we bin talk,shei nothing bin do my baby. My baby was still very sound,ehhh… Madam u get mind go abort my baby.””I no Sabi wetin u de talk. How u even tek no sey na your pikin ?” I asked.”How I no go tek know ehhh… no be me and you again? I Sabi wetin I bin do . I Sabi the volume of sperms wey I don deposit for your body, walie, even if all miss road , one must enter. You think sey I be mumu. U no Sabi sey blood is thicker than water.” He said hanging his polo on his shoulder.”Chai Musa! Baby don die, wetin u want mek I do” I said placing my palms on my head.He left and entered his room. I met my in-law and told him about the miscarriage. But,his response wasn’t favourable.”You aborted that child, right?” He asked.”No , I didn’t.””I know you too well. You’re lying. My brother must hear this.” He threatened. I’m all alone now. My world is shattered. Where do I start from.My husband returned from work that evening. Little did I know that Musa had asked for his time. My in-law too on the other hand was awaiting his arrival.”Yes,Musa. Come in.” My husband said.I was scared to the marrow. I was visibly trembling.”Musa… allow oga to rest first.” I tried to stop him.”No, allow him speak.” Eric said.My in-law came to the parlour too.”Oga, I wan tell u sey mek u tell madam to gimme my pikin.” He said.I almost slumped. My in-law was literally shocked.”Wait, what’s happening here? My in-law asked. Musa what do you mean by that?” He continued.”Yes, una don hear me well. kasala don burst today. Madam bin go abort my pikin” He added.”What! Musa!… Sonya…!” My in-law screamed.I started crying. I felt betrayed.
My husband remained silent. “Are you all done?” Eric asked.”You all must be wondering why I’m calm. I’m not surprised. From the first day I noticed that you stopped craving for my attention, I knew something was wrong. I saw when you sneaked out to Musa’s room that night, I followed you.””Gbam!” Musa said.”I couldn’t believe you would stoop so low to stab me in the back. His eyes went teary.I know you have been sleeping with my gate man for a very long time. But, I kept quiet because I knew this day will come. The day I came home from work last month, I saw your underwear very close to my brother’s room. Now tell me what was it doing there? He asked, sacarstically. That was the day I knew that you have been sleeping with my brother too.” He bowed in tears.”You’ve disgraced me. He said burying his face in his palms. “I’m just human. I’m not God to increase the size of my penis. I know very well that I don’t satisfy you in bed…it’s partly my fault.” He said whimpering.” From today,Musa, leave my house.” Eric commanded.”Ehhh oga! Madam must leave too. Na she drag me put for dis mess.” Musa said.”He says you should leave.” Sonya said.”Shut up! ” Eric thundered. He turned facing his brother,” You’ve had enough. From today, I don’t want to see you in my house again. Pack your bags and leave.”They all packed immediately. Eric was uncontrollable when angry. His wife had pleaded with him but he was in no mood of listening to her.The next morning, he called his wife.”Let’s sort things out. He said sitting on the chair in the bedroom. I know I’ve
Divine sent Today at 8:00 AMDivine unsent a message
Divine sent Today at 8:01 AMbeen a bad husband to you all these years. I understand your emotions. Many others would have done the same, but, you stooped too low… you went far.””Please, I’m sorry forgive me” She felt remorseful.”It’s okay. The deed has been done. I won’t send you parking… I don’t know what another woman will come and do. He rubbed his palms.From today, I’ll give you as much attention that you need. ” On hearing that, she hugged him tightly. “I’m sorry” , She kept saying.
Everything was restored. Eric improved in bed. With the quality time he spent with her, he discovered new things about her everyday and loved her more.
After two years, they were blessed with twins (boy and girl).

The End.

© Divinely Blessed Ink

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