Should Intending Couples Have Sex Before Marriage?
Here’s My Story;

I and my husband dated for good number of years. But, it was a long distance relationship. Infact, I met him on this blue app in the year 2016. So,he promised to pay my bride price when he returned to Nigeria. 

He came back this year,paid my bride price and my traditional and white wedding followed immediately.

  I never knew my husband had a very little prick, worst of it all, he's worse than a two minutes man.  I mean, he's extremely dull in bed. On the night of our honeymoon, could you believe this man slept off. I was fully prepared for him having waited till that very day. I had promised myself that I won't involve in pre marital sex with him, we had agreed on that. Little did I know that it was to his advantage.

I was deeply annoyed that night. I had to remind him of my conjugal rights and what failure to consummate the marriage amounts to.
He managed to go a few seconds and drifted back to sleep . I was shocked to my marrow.
“Is this what I’m going to be passing through?” I asked myself.
I forced myself into believing that he was tired of the day’s stress . I could barely sleep that night.
Two days later, I noticed that he isn’t romantic. Even if I try to look sexy for him as his newly wedded wife, he waves me aside . He’ll only ask me “Have you eaten? Have you Bath? Have you this and Have you that?”
I forced myself into believing that he’s shy. So, I decided to Storm the bathroom when he was bathing.
“Baby, you’re bathing, you didn’t even bother calling me to join you?” I said with my highly pitched romantic voice.
“Darling, I’m sorry about that…” he apologized
“Shhh…. I cut him in . How about we go couple of rounds before you leave for work” I said in a “I’m in the mood look” touching his little prick.
“Darling, you know I’m not in the mood now. Yesternight’s own was enough right?”
“What?! I screamed. Enough? How many seconds did you go?” I cried.
I left him to the balcony and cried my eyes out.
He didn’t really mind. He left for work leaving me all alone in the house.
After two years of marriage, no child. We went for check up and it was found that he had low sperm count and I was perfectly fine.

    We live in a big compound with my gate man. 

One day,my husband asked him to deliver something to me while he was out. I was dying of horniness at the moment, fantasying how my husband would change in the twinkle of an eye. Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door.
“Who’s there?” I asked adjusting the towel around my breasts and went for the door.
“Madam,na me ” Musa said
“Oh, na u! Wetin u come find?” I asked.
“Madam, oga talk sey, mek I give u dis yam. Im talk sey na wetin im wan chop dis evening be dat.” He said handing me the bag containing the yam and turned to leave.
“Thank you Musa, mek I keep am for kitchen. Wait I de come.”
I quickly returned to him. Musa was really a handsome guy, cool in nature.
“Musa abeg u go help me do something, come inside.” I opened the bedroom door wildly for him to come in.
“Madam,I hope sey wahala no dey ?”
“No oo, na just small waist pain wey I get.” I said climbing the bed.
“Madam but I no be doctor na, na doctor u suppose call.”
“Musa ,abeg I no get strength to call doctor now. Come and massage my waist.”
He came ,shaking.
“Madam abeg no mek me loose my job o, I tek God name beg you.” he pleaded.
“Musa, nothing go happen.” I promised him.”
I quickly unwrapped my towel.
“Cheeei! eeeeeei! He shouted and went for the door but, I had the door locked. Madam abeg , I wan go. I no go fit.” He pleaded.
“Musa, y u de do like sey u never c woman body before?” I asked feigning annoyance.
“Madam abeg no come commot bread for my mouth put stone,abeg” He fell on his knees.
“Musa, na wey u go get problem be that” I threatened him.
“Okay,shei u talk sey na ordinary waist pain?” he asked raising his two hands up and shaking them.
“Yes” I answered.
He came to massage me.
“Musa, climb the bed na ,u wan stand for ground?”
He climbed trembling.
“Yes… go down a bit. Enheeeeeeeen. Keep going down. Musa, I said keep going down” I ordered.
“Madam na de final bus stop be dis” He said touching my hips.
“Musa ,u too get wahala.” I said turning around. I pulled him close and kissed him.
Musa was sweet. His rod was big , I mean far off bigger than my husband’s and really knows how to make use of it. Despite the fact that he was scared. I was deeply satisfied. It was a mind blowing one. I could count that experience as my first honeymoon.
“Musa, thank you.” I said
“Madam, swear sey u no go tell oga.” He said.
“It’s between us,Musa.” I assured him.

     Later, my husband returned late that evening, exactly the way he does since we got married.

“You are so happy this evening. What could be the reason?” Eric asked, pondering.
“Baby, I’m just happy.

I’ve decided to let go of all my worries.” I said, placing a light kiss on his forehead.
“That’s thoughtful of you my love. I’m really tired.” He said yawning.
“There’s no problem baby, I’ll get the water set. After that, you eat the yam porridge and sleep thereafter.” I said.

    That night, hubby was in deep sleep. I couldn't wait till morning. So, I went downstairs to call Musa.

“Madam,shei u bin talk morning na, y u come dis night? Madam u wan put me for trouble.”
“Musa no shout. Let me come in.” I said pushing the door open.
Musa wasn’t a seconds man in contrast with my husband. He was now a master of my body even in the dark, he could tell where the engine was. Wheeeew! That’s exactly how I love to be treated.

     That week, my husband's younger brother came to live with us for some time.

I went to his room to serve him as usual. Coincidentally,that day, he came out with towel around his waist. I was jolted into thoughts when I spotted it from the towel. “Why I’m I so unlucky to marry my husband? I wish it was his younger brother whom I married.” I said in my mind.
“Where can I keep this?” I asked still fixing my gaze there unknowingly.
“Drop it on the side stool” He said.
When I placed the tray on the stool, I felt his grip on my waist. He must have read my thoughts… I couldn’t say “no” after all what would I gain after he exhausts his stay here.
After about 3 months, I started feeling dizzy and vomited incessantly. I went to the hospital for check up and the result tested positive.

   The problem now is that I told Musa. He knows I've been sleeping with my husband's younger brother because, I no longer sought for his touch.

He’s threatened to tell my husband if after I give birth I don’t go for a DNA test to know who the true father of my baby is.
I’m scared. I’m planning to go for abortion. But,on the other hand, my in-law is happy and ready to marry me. I don’t know what to do.

to be continued…
Episode 2 is dropping this evening. But, until then, what’s your take on this issue?

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